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While the Big6 team was troubled by various problems, the blue whirlwind from Merseyside swept the Premier League inadvertently. Scored 9 points in 3 rounds of the league and scored 20 goals in the last 6 games. Everton’s offensive football created a strong visual impact. Ancelotti relied on three new aids to reshape the system he was good at. It has stimulated the potential of the original forwards and brought vitality to this traditional giant that has been weak for many years.


The Premier League in the Jinyuan era is a place full of miracles and infinite possibilities. The league has always adhered to the principle of large-scale division of gold and silver, which provides a rare cross-border upgrade opportunity for each team. Unknown players can get ahead, unknown teams can soar to the sky, and down-and-out giants have a chance to regain their former glory. As a former rival at the same level, Tottenham has achieved leapfrog development in the past few years, which has formed a great stimulus to Everton.


When Tottenham entered the Champions League, Everton completed a remarkable change of flag. In the five seasons Mosili took the helm, Everton spent more than 550 million euros on the transfer market. His best result was only seventh in the 2016/17 season. The low input-output ratio was shocking. .

当托特纳姆热刺进入欧洲冠军联赛时,埃弗顿完成了标志性的显着改变。在莫西利掌舵的五个赛季中,埃弗顿在转会市场花费了超过5.5亿欧元。他的最佳成绩在2016/17赛季仅获得第七名。低投入产出比令人震惊。 。

In the process of Everton burning money to fight for four, countless ambitious young marshals and stars left a gloomy memory in Goodison Park. Of course, even with many detours in recent years, Everton has the capital to attract famous coaches and capable players to settle down. The gold medal coach Ancelotti is the kind of "card" Toffee needs. He has excellent tactical skills and rich coaching experience, which is precious to Everton, who has a chaotic system and an unknown style.


In the past coaching experience, Ancelotti has always been supported by his subordinates, but he has repeatedly offended the top of the club for protecting the interests of the players. In Everton, where the top seldom intervenes in the team's athletic affairs, Ancelotti can get a lot of room to play and experience the feeling of a British manager. Ancelotti is eager to break through the bottleneck of "Ann's second year" and get the opportunity to return to the rich or go to a powerful national team to coach. Everton, with strong financial resources, a strong brand and a low starting point, is an ideal springboard.


In the process of traveling through the five major leagues, Ancelotti has tried almost all popular formations, and 442 and its variants are his favorites. During the coaching of AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and Naples, Ancelotti was good at building midfielders in a "civilian military" way, focusing on possession of the ball while pursuing an offensive and defensive balance.


Everton does not have enough strong technical players, it is difficult to support this lavish style of giants. Fortunately, Ancelotti also had the experience of combining engineer midfielders and technical attackers. He used the 442 switch 433 mode when he coached Chelsea to pack another Azzurri. Compared to Malouda, who switched between left midfield and left forward, Ronaldo's passing ability is even better. The two previous cooperations with his mentor laid the foundation for his rapid adaptation to the tactical environment of the Premier League.


Late last season, Ancelotti took Everton, who had previously hovered on the edge of the relegation zone, to 12th place, outlined a clear and efficient wing attack system, and significantly improved the team’s offensive and defensive ability in positioning shots. The cooperation between China has made a good start.


After nearly half the season, Ancelotti has a clear understanding of the "legacy" left by Marco Silva. Toffee has a very malleable guard and striker, and the team needs reinforcement. The focus is on the midfield. With the addition of James Rodriguez, Ducure and Alain, Ancelotti's team has the confidence to play technical football.

经过近半个赛季,安切洛蒂对马可·席尔瓦(Marco Silva)留下的“遗产”有了清晰的了解。太妃糖的后卫和前锋非常灵活,球队需要加强。重点是中场。除了詹姆斯·罗德里格斯(James Rodriguez),杜古(Ducure)和阿兰(Alain)之外,安切洛蒂的球队也有信心踢技术足球。

In the 4 games played on behalf of the new club, Ronaldo created a total of 15 opportunities. He has also become the player with the most opportunities in all competitions in the Premier League this season. As a key variable to promote formation switching, Ronaldo can not only lead the team in the ribs, but also cruise to the middle to find long-range opportunities.


Despite the lack of absolute speed and the ability to get rid of from the foot, Ronaldo can withstand the defender and then force the ball from the angle. He has a strong sense of running and taking the ball. The fast-paced offensive and defensive environment of the Premier League has given midfielders a lot of space, which is very suitable for the production of such prominent mass-produced attackers like Ronaldo. The special treatment provided by Ancelotti has further improved his offensive efficiency.


There are two defensive midfielders behind Ronaldo, with a strong forward wing to open up the outer passage. The center at the top of the formation can be on the side and the attacker on the left can well control the defense to the right. The road creates space, and Ancelotti weaves a huge three-dimensional protection net for Gaotu. In the "left virtual, right real" offensive pattern, Ronaldo faces relatively little defensive pressure, and there are many offensive paths to choose from. It is difficult for opponents to guard against this single-core drive + multi-point attack mode.


While refining the ground warfare offensive routines, Ancelotti also focused on improving Everton's offensive and defensive skills in positioning the ball. Ronaldo and Digne have outstanding footwork. Mina, Keane, Andre Gomez, Lewin, Ducure and Risalisson all have good air superiority, screens and walks among players. The position is also very tacit, and the goal is natural.

在完善地面战进攻常规的同时,安切洛蒂还专注于提高埃弗顿在定位球上的进攻和防守技巧。罗纳尔多和迪涅的脚步非常出色。米娜(Mina),基恩(Keane),安德烈·戈麦斯(Andre Gomez),莱温(Lewin),杜古(Ducure)和里萨里森(Risalisson)都具有良好的空中优势,他们可以在球员之间进行掩护和步行。职位也很默契,目标很自然。

Everton completed a strong start of the season, and a story about redemption has a perfect start. However, considering the pressure and risks inherent in the multi-line schedule compressed by the epidemic, the real test waiting for Ancelotti and his disciples has not yet come.


After defeating Tottenham as a guest in the first game, Everton encountered difficulties when facing West Brom and Crystal Palace. Everton’s defensive midfielder and central defender lack the ability to handle the ball under pressure. This is dangerous when many teams will focus on the Premier League where high positions are oppressed. Ancelotti needs to handle the defensive midfielder in the offensive system. The problem of ball rights in the game. Ancelotti asked Ducuré not only to protect the space behind Ronaldo, but also to actively participate in the attack. The French midfielder suffered a lot of consumption.


In the positional defensive phase, Ronaldo and Gomez did not protect the full-backs enough. This was not only due to the tactical arrangement, but also related to their physical conditions. Ducure and Alan have a heavy defensive task. In addition to protecting two central defenders who are not good at top sweeps, they also have to cover the wing. When the opponent attacked Coleman’s defense zone, Ancelotti had asked Ronaldo and Risarisson to switch positions to cope with this adjustment. Risarisson’s deep involvement in defense can ease the pressure on Ducure and Alan, but this requires a counterattack at sacrifice. Efficiency is the price.


The Premier League in the new era has gathered many famous mainland coaches and stars. The high-level competition brought by the "Masters Championship" has promoted the evolution and development of tactics. The intensity of brain-burning games is no less than that of the Little World Cup. Coach Lu's theoretical foundation, adaptability and resource integration capabilities put forward very high requirements. Ancelotti is good at macro-layouts and is good at building tactics around core players. His problem is that he is unwilling to promote rotation. The coached team has been disoriented in high-opening and low-moving many times, and it is difficult to cope with the load of multi-line warfare.

新时代的英超联赛聚集了许多著名的内地教练和明星。 “大师锦标赛”带来的高水平比赛促进了战术的演变和发展。令人费解的游戏强度不低于小世界杯。卢教练的理论基础,适应能力和资源整合能力提出了很高的要求。安切洛蒂擅长于宏观布局,擅长围绕核心球员制定战术。他的问题是他不愿意促进轮换。教练团队多次迷失在高空和低空的方向上,很难应付多线作战的负担。

Everton’s main lineup has a good combat effectiveness, and there are no shortage of people available on the bench. West Urzson, Delph, Tom Davis, Bernard and Kenny have all had long-term main players. Experience. In the three games of the League Cup, Ancelotti made a certain degree of rotation and achieved good results. This is a positive sign.

埃弗顿的主要阵容具有良好的战斗力,替补席上不乏人才。 West Urzson,Delph,Tom Davis,Bernard和Kenny都有长期的主要角色。经验。在联赛杯的三场比赛中,安切洛蒂进行了一定程度的轮换,取得了不错的成绩。这是一个积极的信号。

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