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On April 16, construction of the Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium officially started. From the official concept map, it can be seen that the entire stadium looks like a blooming lotus, which is impressive. It is reported that the total investment of this stadium is about 12 billion yuan, and it is planned to be completed and put into use before the end of 2022.


It is understood that the completed stadium will have a total area of ​​150,000 square meters and a total construction area of ​​about 300,000 square meters. It can accommodate 100,000 people to watch the game. The scale will surpass the Nou Camp Stadium, the home of La Liga giants Barcelona, ​​and become the largest in the world. The top professional football stadium.


In addition, Xia Haijun, President of Evergrande Group, revealed at the groundbreaking ceremony that Evergrande has conducted in-depth discussions with many provinces and cities, and will build another 3 to 5 world-class professional football stadiums that can accommodate 80 to 100,000 fans across the country.


my country has hosted comprehensive competitions such as the Asian Games and the Olympic Games, and will host the Winter Olympics in the future. The existing domestic stadiums have no problems in hosting international large-scale comprehensive competitions, but if we want to bid for the World Cup in the future, the problem of fewer professional football stadiums in my country needs to be resolved.


Chinese football fans have a long-standing desire to host the World Cup at their doorstep. This will not only solve the long-term embarrassment of the National Football team not getting the World Cup due to their strength, but also allow hundreds of millions of Chinese football fans to appreciate the world's highest level of football events. In addition, if you can win the right to host the World Cup in the future, it will undoubtedly greatly promote the popularization and development of football in China, and it is also conceivable to promote the level of Chinese football.


To bid for the World Cup in the future, for China, the stadium "hardware" problem must be resolved. For top-level events such as the World Cup, FIFA generally requires the host country to arrange the events on professional football stadiums. However, statistics show that my country currently has fewer professional football stadiums, and it is still difficult to meet the requirements of hosting the World Cup.


And this time Evergrande chose to build the world's largest top professional football stadium, and plans to continue to build 3 to 5 world top football stadiums in the future, which undoubtedly provides an extremely heavy weight for China in its future bid for the World Cup. At the groundbreaking ceremony, Hengda Group President Xia Haijun also stated in his speech that this new stadium will strive to host the opening ceremony of the 2023 Asian Cup. It is not difficult to see that Evergrande’s big move is not only to provide better facilities for the first team of its club, but also to lay the groundwork for China's future bid for the World Cup.


In the next three years, China will usher in two major football events, the Club World Cup and the Asian Cup, which can be seen as a mock test for hosting the World Cup in the future. Compared with the Club World Cup and the Asian Cup, FIFA obviously has higher standards for the host country of the World Cup.


To host top-level events like the World Cup, FIFA generally requires that the game be held in a professional football stadium, which can accommodate at least 40,000 people. As for the opening ceremony and the championship and runner-up finals, it is also required to be held in a professional stadium with at least 80,000 people.


In addition, starting from the 2026 World Cup in North America, the competition will be expanded to 48 teams, the number of groups will surge to 16, and the number of matches will increase from 64 to 80. More matches means that the requirements for the number of professional football stadiums in the host country have further increased. A related person from FIFA has disclosed that after the expansion of the World Cup, the host country needs to provide at least 12 stadiums that meet the standards to ensure the smooth holding of the event.


It is understood that there are currently only 7 professional football stadiums in China, and the number of seats is below 50,000. There are 14 professional football stadiums under construction and planned to be renovated across the country, but no stadium has more than 80,000 seats. However, in the UK, there are 14 professional stadiums in London alone. Even in Asia, Japan (15 seats), South Korea (12 seats), and Qatar (12 seats) have a world-famous professional football stadium far beyond China. It can be seen that the gap between China and developed countries in football is not only reflected in football performance, but also in terms of hardware facilities.


After the final implementation of a series of professional football stadium construction plans announced by Evergrande, my country's hardware level will further move closer to FIFA's requirements for the host country of the World Cup, which undoubtedly makes the Chinese people a step closer to the dream of hosting the World Cup at home. .

在恒大宣布了一系列职业足球场建设计划的最终执行之后,我国的硬件水平将进一步接近国际足联对世界杯东道国的要求,这无疑使中国人民向梦想迈进了一步。在家举办世界杯。 。

The appearance of the newly-built Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium resembles a blooming lotus flower. This design has caused many controversies on the Internet as soon as it was announced. One of the representative views is that the stadium’s shape is not modern enough and has some "earth". . However, from the perspective of the future bid for the World Cup, the design of this new stadium is actually a plus.

新建的广州恒大足球场的外观酷似盛开的莲花。这项设计一经宣布,就在互联网上引起了许多争议。代表性的观点之一是,体育场的形状不够现代,并带有一些“土”。 。但是,从将来申办世界杯的角度来看,这个新体育场的设计实际上是一个加分lol比赛竞猜用什么app项。

When FIFA visited China to host the 2021 World Club Cup venues before, it pointed out that my country's existing stadium construction is quite similar in appearance to design, and has a feeling of "déjà vu". The World Cup is a global football event. FIFA obviously hopes that the stadium constructed by the host country can have more regional characteristics and cultural connotations, and can better "tell stories" to the world. The new Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium It fits this spirit quite well.


As the host country of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar adheres to the principle of "telling a good story" in stadium construction. Almost every new stadium has a complete and moving story behind it. Take the Janubi Stadium in Qatar as an example. The British-Iraqi female designer Zaha Hadid originally designed this stadium. She lived in the Wakra area where the stadium is located for a long time. The purpose is to live in life. Find inspiration. The final design of Janubi Stadium is like a highly mobile hull, behind which tells people the history of navigation in the Wakra region.

作为2022年世界杯的举办国,卡塔尔在体育场馆建设中坚持“讲好故事”的原则。几乎每个新体育场背后都有一个完整而动人的故事。以卡塔尔的Janubi体育场为例。英国-伊拉克的女设计师Zaha Hadid最初设计了这个体育场。她长期住在体育场所在的瓦克拉(Wakra)地区。目的是生活。寻找灵感。 Janubi体育场的最终设计就像一个高度机动的船体,其后向人们讲述Wakra地区航行的历史。

Unlike the oval shape commonly used in top foreign stadiums, the Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium is designed with lotus blossom as its design concept and fully integrated with Chinese culture. The lotus not only represents the city image of Guangzhou as the "flower city", but also implies that Chinese football has a clean and tough character. In addition, the main color of the stadium is golden red, which is not only the representative color of Guangzhou, the "first city of football", but also the uniform color of Guangzhou Evergrande.


Hosting the World Cup at home is undoubtedly a long-term dream of Chinese fans, and a series of measures taken by Evergrande have undoubtedly brought Chinese fans one step closer to fulfilling their dreams. I believe that with the continuous improvement of Chinese football in terms of software and hardware, the World Cup will eventually open arms to the "Oriental Dragon" China.


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