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lol比赛下注-曝足协正推进洋哨执法2阶段 已落实3名亚洲籍裁判

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   Source of manuscript: Football News



The enforcement of the local referees in the first stage has caused many controversies. Many clubs have complained and protested against unfair enforcement in the most fierce manner. Although hiring foreign referees was a routine action in previous years, this year the Football Association stated that “from a realistic perspective, the invitation is implemented. It is very difficult for foreign referees to enforce the Super League this season, and the operability is not high." Such a statement caused a lot of restlessness. You must know that the biggest difference between this year's league and the past is the second phase of the elimination system. In previous years, a referee's misjudgment had a slight impact on the trend of a team throughout the season, but this year, under the knockout system, a misjudgment may directly affect the championship or relegation pattern, and even a team's situation. fate.


When local referees fail to win the trust of most teams in the first stage of enforcement by local referees, it becomes a must to ask foreign referees to enforce the law. Even if they are restricted by various factors such as European league play and epidemic prevention, the foreign referees invited are also The level is not necessarily high, but the comfort effect is greater than the actual effect.


   "The judgment of the Chinese Super League is already good." This is the evaluation of the referee industry on the first stage of the Super League. What he means is that the highest level of referees in China have reached the Super League. This is the highest level of judgment in domestic football. One fact may prove that this statement is true: According to the referee scoring system of the AFC, there is a Chinese referee who has the opportunity to whistle for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and another referee hopes to serve as a VAR referee.


However, the actual law enforcement situation is far from "good". Before the final round of the first stage, at the referee's business summary meeting, a review team composed of seven retired experts has considered 8 disputes and penalties, including The match between Beijing Guoan and Shanghai SIPG.


Of course, there were far more than 8 controversial penalties in the first stage. Clubs such as Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shenhua, and Dalian Ren once appealed the controversial penalties. Many of these penalties were based on scale issues. Many penalty kicks were awarded. The different scales caused several clubs to file complaints. Before the start of the season, the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association has repeatedly emphasized the unification of standards during referee training. After entering the competition area, it has also conducted intensive learning. However, the local referees still cannot grasp the standards. If it is not for ulterior motives, it can only be the referees themselves. The execution is insufficient, and the difference is obvious.


   In the 13th round of the league, in the Beijing Guoan 0-1 Shanghai SIPG match, Mu Yi kicked Vieira in the penalty area. After watching the VAR video playback, the referee Zhang Lei determined that Mu Yi did not foul. This penalty culminated in the first stage of the referee dispute.


On the public level, the Football Association continues to support the referees. The referees are short of manpower. The referees can only be revolved by the game system, and even the embarrassing situation of the assistant referee playing two games in a row. It is certainly worthwhile to make mistakes in such high-intensity work. Understand, but also need support. But at the same time, the Chinese Football Association also has the necessary summary and thinking about the disputes in the first stage.


What’s interesting is that the Chinese national team’s training camp in Shanghai also specially invited referee experts to explain to the international football team. It was not about the new law enforcement rules, but about some controversial penalties in the first stage of the league, admonishing the national football team and correcting misunderstandings. This shows the embarrassment brought about by the local referees in the first stage.


   "The first stage of the Chinese Super League does not involve the specific interests of the team, and the second stage is the knockout. Each referee's penalty may be directly related to the fate of the team and requires special care".


The referee has become the protagonist of the game, and the number of times is a little too much. The football association believes that the club's response is so big, behind it is the distrust of the local referee. After all, in the domestic football environment, some mistakes of the referee are often regarded by the club as "not "Technical issues". In this context, referee selection needs to consider how to make clubs and fans more convincing.


In the past few years, it has been the norm to invite foreign referees to enforce the Chinese league. Referees such as Kratenberg have also been hired as full-time referees in the Chinese Super League. Under the influence of the five major leagues, the level of referees in the European League is unquestionable. Therefore, the Chinese Football Association has always been Tend to hire European referees. However, this year’s situation is different. One is that the European League is in progress, and the other is that the new crown epidemic is not fully controlled. The situation in many European countries is not very optimistic. Under comprehensive consideration, the Football Association can only give priority to referees from Asian countries. Super League law enforcement.


   In recent years, the competitiveness of Asian leagues has gradually improved, and the level of referees has also risen and been recognized. The most typical ones are referees from countries such as Iran and Uzbekistan. Referees such as Irmatov are frequent visitors to international competitions such as the World Cup.


   The Football Association is currently advancing the work of inviting foreign referees. Because of the epidemic prevention and other considerations, there will not be too many people on the trip. According to the reporter's current understanding, three Asian referees have been temporarily determined. The specific use will measure the importance and sensitivity of the game. In the key games of the championship group and the relegation group, foreign referees will enforce the law.


   The second stage of the competition will begin on October 16. Foreign referees must be observed in isolation. According to the current progress, foreign referees may miss the first round of the second stage.




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